One-Stop solution for your digital transformation needs



DXP uses proven and latest technologies to meet customer’s IT needs. We develop sustainable, scalable and cost effective solutions that can cater to the customer needs.

Enterprise Management Solutions:

Transform business process automation and achieve greater productivity with the right ERP solution. Change your stand-alone applications with integrated solutions that drive business process automation, improve productivity and bring greater visibility.

Our Areas of Expertise in ERP are:

  • ERP Implementation and support services
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence services -- CRM, Customer Service, Field service, Finance, Operations and Retail.
  • Enterprise business integration and reporting services
Manufacturing Technologies:

Enable next generation manufacturing technologies to Improve coordination, productivity and quality. including Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, IIoT and AI & ML.

Our Areas of Expertise :

  • Smart factory: ever changing technology innovation is proving unparalleled as adavnatage to streamline manaydacturibg Pricess. The smart factory solution helping organisation fast track and realise full potential of digital transcafirnaton in the form of fully digitise end to end manufacturing process. We have experienced resources who can help and drive these initiatives in large scale manufacturing companies. Leveraging people, process and big data analytics ar key drive end to end digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0/IIoT: creating working ecosystem of physical manufacturing process with digital technology is key. We leverage our deep technology experience to marry traditional manufacturing process with cloud based technologies like machine learning, automation, big data to create more unified solutions framework , which can drive efficiency in the process to build a sustain le supply chain process.. to ensure you are company has conptareive advantage over delivery I believe value across to your customers
Data & Analytics services:

Right information at right time will bring greater insights for decision making. Implementing an analytics platform has shown great potential in increasing the strategic value and innovation. Organizations must prepare for the future with the strategic and innovative use of analytics. Our Data Management and Analytic services include

  • Data Analytics tools and administration
  • Implementing & Configuring BI Environments
  • Implementing Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • On-premise to Azure / AWS VM
Digital Transformation:

To transform into a digital enterprise, it is essential to leverage cloud technology. Cloud technology simplifies IT management and allows access to information from any device and from any location. Planning the Cloud services is very crucial and the various business requirements should be carefully determined to ensure that the final solution will not disappoint. Our Cloud Enablement services include

  • Infrastructure & Apps Migrations
  • Agility, Reduce costs
  • Deployment & Installations
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
Application Development & Testing:

We can develop custom, secure and cost effective software solutions that meet your business needs to an exact measure. An expert team of business analysts, developers and support personnel with real-world experience brings greater value in implementing and supporting business critical business applications. We follow industry best practices and test the applications thoroughly to ensure defect-free delivery. Our Application Development services include.

  • Enterprise Mobility Applications
  • UI/UX Design
  • Machine Learning and AI application development
  • RPA and Chabot’s
  • IOT prototyping and development
  • E-Commerce Portal Development
  • Custom web Applications
  • CRM Solutions
  • Converting on premise to SaaS applications
  • Testing & QA
Consulting Services:

We offer best and well experienced consultants to our clients to assist on short and long term IT needs and initiatives. We can supplement a customer’s existing work force with technically qualified, certified professionals tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our Consulting Services Key Highlights.

  • Certified and Highly Qualified Consultants with adequate experience and domain knowledge
  • Onshore/Offshore/Hybrid Model
  • Reasonable billing rates (fixed and daily) for highly skilled manpower
Maintenance and Support:

Our cutting-edge application and Infrastructure management services brings unique approach with value driven application maintenance and support services. We focus more on value creation rather than SLA driven resolution. Our AMS services Include.

  • Product Enhancements – Adding new functionalities to existing solutions (new modules, Interfaces, Change requests, new reports, forms etc…)
  • Production support and application maintenance – preventive Maintenance, corrective maintenance, bug fixes, production support and service requests
  • Problem Management- Analyse repetitive issues , Identify root cause of issues and Fix them permanently